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Customers beware, of getting "Baited"

By competitor advertising products at a low price which is aftermarket part but when customers visit the store, they discover that the advertised goods either are not available[1] or are not as good as expected, or the customers are pressured by sales people to consider similar, but higher-priced, items ("switching"). offering a aftermarket screen at a low price with no intention to sell it .

Our service & warranty benefits

We are the only repair company in Australia offering original parts.

  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Doesn't effect fingerprint function
  • Keeps your device still in original condition

Our highest priority is offering an unrivalled fast repair, using Quality parts and maintaining security in our resolve to deliver a great experience.

How to avoid dodgy repair

Recently there have been many pop-up repair stores which have been opening and falsely advertising, claiming to use original screens.

These pop-up stores, in actuality, use fake screens and usually don’t have a background of any sort.

Furthermore, they are using non original parts which have no retina display.

There will be a blue hue to the screen. 

After a few weeks it will become unresponsive.

Using non-original screens can also, more often than not, cause further problems to your phone.

Tips for avoiding dodgy parts 

White iPhone`s Colour doesn't appear to be white but more creamy

White points and dead pixels on screen (Only visible on a white screen background)

LCD coloration has no retina display and has a faded coloration

Backlight brightness is no where near the quality of an original screen

Has unresponsive multi-touch

Rough edges which are meant to be smooth in texture

Read More How long will it take

How long will it take to repair my device?

iPhone 30 mins

Samsung 45 mins

iPad 2,3,4,Air 1+ hour

iPad air 2 Next day

iPad Mini Next day

MacBook Depends on repair

Excluding devices with water damage and products with no battery charge

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Dropped your phone suddenly? Walk-in to our store without a booking and have your device repaired in 45-60 minutes.

We come to you. Simple as that! Fast, simple & convenient repair wherever you are in the Sydney CBD.

VIP Service

Courier your device to us for a 30 minute repair. Your device can then be picked up by your courier company.

Mail-In repairs are completed on the same day they are received and returned via registered post.