Mac Diagnostic

Fast and Accurate Free Diagnostic

A free diagnostic is included with all orders. Select this option if you're not sure which service you need. Free with all approved repairs. Read More...

Complete Diagnostic

Fast and Accurate

Upon arrival at iMasters, your iMac will go through a complete diagnostic performed by one of our certified technicians. Once your diagnostic is complete, a service adviser will contact you with the results of the diagnostic along with options on getting your iMac repaired.

Flexible Options

Some issues may only be cosmetic and not vital to the proper function of your iMac. You decide which repairs to approve. No work is performed until you approve the repair.

Mac Front Panel Assembly Replacement

Replace a cracked or damaged display with a brand new screen.

All screens come with our exclusive Zero Dead Pixel Policy. Read More...

Mac Front Panel Assembly Replacement

*Compatible with 2012+ Retina models only. 

Orders include free ground shipping. Next day from $49. details


Fast and Easy Service

Screen replacements are usually completed in 20 Minutes your iMac arrives at iMasters.

Glass & Casing Replacements

iMasters stocks a complete set of glass covers, LED screens and rear casing replacements. We match the repair to the damage so you get just what you need.

Zero Dead Pixel Policy

We believe your new screen should be perfect, that's why iMasters has the best warranty in the industry. All screen repairs come with a 1 year warranty against defects. If any pixels fail within the screen's warranty, iMasters will replace the screen.

Mac Hard Drives

Store more music, photos, videos and files with a new hard drive upgrade. If your current drive is slow or clicking, a new hard drive can restore functionality to your Mac.

Pricing Includes:

Installation of the new drive and transfer of your Mac data. If your current drive is failing, a new operating system is installed.

Windows data may not be transferred.

Data recovery options are available.

Your old hard drive is returned to you.

7200rpm & Solid State Drives

7200rpm hard drives offer faster access to your files and will increase overall machine speed with little impact on battery life. Solid state drives bring quicker boot times and ultra-fast performance.

All iMasters hard drives upgrades carry a 1 year warranty

Please Call us for iMac SSD/HD Upgrades

Mac Memory Upgrades

Upgrade your Mac's memory to a total of 4GB or 8GB.

Free installation with any other service.

Data recovery options are available.

Your old memory is returned to you.

Please Call us for iMac Ram Upgrades

*For 2011 models and newer only.


Work and Play, Faster

Increase performance on your Mac laptop with fast, tier 1 memory upgrades. All memory carries a lifetime warranty. More memory increases overall machine speed and allows for faster video rendering, photo viewing and application performance.

Free Installation

RAM is installed for free when your Mac is in for any other service. Free Ground shipping and $79 Next Day shipping is available with any other service. If no other service is being performed, there is a $49 installation fee. Any old RAM from your Mac is returned to you.

Mac Casing

The exterior casings on your iMac can be replaced with new casings. New Apple parts and professional installation bring looks and functionality back to your Mac.

We carry the complete line of case parts for all models of iMac. If you're not sure which part(s) you need, or don't see them listed, you can select our free diagnostic.

Please Call us for Mac Casing Replacement

Mac Optical Drives

New Dual Layer SuperDrives are fully compatible with all iApps. All optical drives carry a 1 year warranty. Read More...

8x Dual Layer SuperDrive

Orders include free ground shipping. Next day from $49. details


Fast and Easy Service

Replace your Mac's old optical drive with a new SuperDrive. With speeds up to 8X and Dual Layer support, your Mac can burn more, faster. All drives come with a 1 year warranty.

Dual Layer SuperDrives

Burn twice the data of the original SuperDrive with new Dual Layer SuperDrives. These new drives are fully compatible with all Apple iApps.

Mac DC-In Board

Replace the port that your wall charger connects to. Read More...

Mac DC-In

Orders include free ground shipping. Next day from $49. details


DC-in Port Replacement

The DC-in port (power port) charges your iMac's battery and powers your Mac from a wall socket. Replace a damaged or non-functioning port with a new DC-in port.

Mac Logic Board Repair

Repair power, video, heat, sound and sleep problems. Can also repair issues due to a liquid spill. Read More...

All Models

Orders include free ground shipping. Next day from $49. details


Quality Logic Board Repairs

Bring your Mac back to proper functionality with a logic board repair from iMasters. The logic board is the main board where most of the components on your Mac live. iMasters technicians use the latest tools and quality components to repair your Mac.

Tested and Certified

All logic board repairs are extensively tested and come with a 6 month warranty. Some logic board repairs may require longer testing periods to re-create original problems and certify the repair after the service is complete. Average turnaround is 3 business days after arrival at iMasters, however some repairs may take longer to complete. There is no charge for the attempt (excluding shipping costs) if your logic board cannot be repaired.

Mac Other Problems

Comment Problems:

- Power Button stuck / unsresponsive

- Charger Port (Does not hold charge)

- Battery

- Bent Rear Housing

No Power(doesn't turn on)

Mac Water Damage Repairs

Our water damage repair service does not cost you anything unless we can fix your device! It is extremely simple to start the water damage repair process.

Upon receipt, we will test and diagnose your device. Once it has been fully diagnosed, we will contact you with a quote for repair. Read More...

Complete Diagnostic

You can opt to proceed with the repairs, or have the device sent back to you as-is for no additional charge.

In the event that the repair is unsuccessful, you will not be charged anything for the service.

Have you dropped your Phone or Tablet in a liquid, or maybe a drink, what about a sink, or worse a toilet? Perhaps you accidentally washed it? Believe it or not your Device can be saved from water damage. We carry a very high success rate at saving water damaged Devices.

Let our professional technicians at iMasters repair your water damaged Phone Or Tablet or Macs. We've worked on tens of thousands of phones and with our state of the art machines and processes, we are confident that we can fix your Phone and Tablet save it from water damage with a high success rate.

Mac Data Recovery

Get your iMac data back.

If your iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or any other mobile devices was subjected to physical damage, water damage, stopped working, broke, fell into the pool, run over by a car, caught fire, overheated, dropped on the floor or otherwise fail, don't write off your data just yet. Read More...

Complete Diagnostic

We have the technology to get your data restored and get you back up and running. Our iMac data recovery experts are specially trained to retrieve data from Apple iMac and helped countless of iMac users to restore missing, lost, corrupted.